Cindy where are you?

As a novice writer I have been offered a publishing contract for my first book entitled ‘Cindy where are you?’ with Ravenswood Publishing, written under the pen name of Roger Rapel. 

I would like to thank Kitty Honeycutt for the kind offer of the contract.

I would also like to say well done to Anna Lee Gruenwald for sharing the graphic description of her life on facebook. Her sad tale is so close to the victims in my book, but unfortunately not with the happy ending that Anna now has..

The book cover was designed by my daughter Amy ( which captures the facial expression of no hope.

Dads Cover_final (1)

I would also like to dedicate this book to all those children who have been abused in the past, and urge them to share their experience with those who care. I urge them to ask for help, it is never to late to seek professional guidance.

The book will take the reader through the unseen work of police investigations including the real heartache felt by seasoned officers at the scenes of depravity that unfolds. Jim Broadbent the central character is a detective sergeant who has the file of a missing 11 year old child Cindy dumped on his desk adding to his growing workload; missing for sixteen weeks with no trace concerns were growing for her safety. He looked through the papers picking up her photograph then said out loud to himself ‘Cindy where are you?’Jim Broadbent who together with a female colleague Jackie uncover the seedy world of child abuse which knows no boundaries, ending in the corridors of power.

Jim is called to a meeting at police HQ’s where officials from the secret service informed the chief constable to back off from the inquiry due to the embarrassment to the government of the day if it reached the press; he didn’t. Then the corrupt world of power reached out to threaten Jim and his family…………

Jim and Jackie inevitably get closer as his marriage fails due to his long hours at work and late night drinking, ending in him…………………..

Release date

The release date is 15th March 2015 available through Amazon